Mud jacking, slab jacking or as modern time refers to as Concrete Leveling has a 89 year history and is still misunderstood by most. Concrete Leveling Systems, Inc. (CLS) has the equipment, knowledge and technical training to solve your concrete settlement inquires.

 Concrete removal and replacement is labor intensive, equipment intensive and costly. Concrete Leveling offers a simple solution that is efficient and environmentally friendly at raising and re-aligning sunken concrete slabs to their original position. The most common applications of Concrete Leveling are done to raise sidewalks, driveways, patios and steps. Concrete Leveling is also highly effective on streets, floors, curbs, gutters and swimming pool decks. Correcting tripping hazards or re-directing water flow away from foundations can easily be accomplished with the Pro X-8.

 CLS’s Pro X-8 concrete leveling service unit package offers a low cost high profit alternative to traditional removal and replacement options. Utilizing a series of 1 inch diameter holes the Pro X-8 stores, dispatches, mixes and pumps a water based slurry that when injected through the predrilled holes raises and re-aligns concrete slabs back to there original position. As the slabs are being raised the slurry continues to fill and must achieve compression before the concrete slab is raised. It is this “compression” of the pumping slurry that allow for the repaired area to be a permanent repair.

 CLS’s Pro X-8 service unit package features a 16 hp Hydrapak, hopper and sub-framing that are of stainless steel construction. All machined steel parts are blasted and powder coated for optimal corrosion protection. Our equipment package requires installation on a 10 foot long flatbed truck. CLS recommends a minimum of 17,500 lb GVW (F-550) rating for the truck.

 The Pro X-8 service unit package is designed for easy of use, maintenance and cleaning. With a 2 man crew the Pro X-8 service unit package will provide a source for years of service in the High Profit business of Concrete Leveling.